Mabox tools based on Jgmenu
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[[ -f $ob_file ]] && wm_theme=$(awk '/<theme>/ {while (getline n) {if (match(n, /<name>/)){l=n; exit}}} END {split(l, a, "[<>]"); print a[3]}' "$ob_file")
#Run only if theme doesn't exist
CONFFILE="$HOME/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/${wm_theme// /_}.colorrc"
if [ ! -f "$CONFFILE" ]; then
jgmenu_run init --apply-obtheme
grep -f $HOME/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/example.txt $HOME/.config/jgmenu/jgmenurc | sponge $HOME/.config/mabox/jgobthemes/${wm_theme// /_}.colorrc
echo "menu_gradient_pos = none" >> "$CONFFILE"
echo "color_menu_bg_to = #222222 100" >> "$CONFFILE"
sd '^#' '' "$CONFFILE"