Mabox Control Center, welcome screen and other tools
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Daniel Napora 0f71cd37ef fix2 2 weeks ago
about-mabox mcc fixes with recent terminator 3 months ago
bl-reload-gtk23 fix reload GTK23 themes with theme manager 2 years ago
compton_toggle noblank and compton_toggle 1 year ago
conky_toggle mb-obthemes,conky_toggle 8 months ago
deskgrid deskgrid, deskmngr update 12 months ago
deskmngr upd 2 months ago
drawgrid snapwin improvements 12 months ago
greyscale picom greyscale 1 year ago
killwindows deskmngr and killwindows 2 years ago
mabox-langfiles upd 2 months ago
mabox-obstart fix2 2 weeks ago
mabox-terminal fix save quake-terminal position 2 years ago
mb-canvas fix colorpicker in wp generator 3 weeks ago
mb-conky-manager theme manager spanish translation 2 years ago
mb-conky-session conky-session fix 2 years ago
mb-conkyedit geany -> xdg-open 6 months ago
mb-conkyzen restore tin2/conkyzen 2 years ago
mb-kb import 3 years ago
mb-obthemes restore conky fix 8 months ago
mb-regenerate-menu import 3 years ago
mb-setfont upd 2 months ago
mb-setvar mb-setvar fix 9 months ago
mb-tint2-manager spanish translation 2 years ago
mb-tint2-session multiple tint2 fix 1 year ago
mb-tint2edit geany -> xdg-open 6 months ago
mb-tint2restart import 3 years ago
mb-tint2zen restore tin2/conkyzen 2 years ago
mbscreenlocker mbscreenlocker upd 1 year ago
mbwallpaper mbwallpaper update 12 months ago
mcc mcc colo 1 month ago
mwelcome fix mwelcome 8 months ago optional mini HW monitor in tray - 2 years ago
reload-gtk mcc menu/panels improvments 1 year ago
run_wallpaperslideshow wallchanger 2 years ago
show_desktop import 3 years ago
snapwin snapwin fixes 11 months ago
t2ctl t2ctl 3 weeks ago
transparent-cava transparent cava 11 months ago
wpg-mabox wpg update 1 year ago
yautostart fix comment parsing in Mabox XDG Autostart editor 9 months ago
yhtml yhtml improvements 7 months ago